Balletto del Sud – Quattro Stagioni

In scena dal 27 Mag 2016 al 28 Mag 2016


Theater, music and dance performances in an act with choreography by Fredy Franzutti made for the renowned Italian company Ballet South, “The Four Seasons” is inspired – as in Vivaldi’s masterpiece – by the seasons intended not only as a change of climate calendar year, but also as a reflection on the “seasons of human life”, about his feelings fickle and emotional reactions of the individual with respect to events that occur.
Franzutti entrusts the legation of paintings danced to the rhymes of the English poet Wystan Hugh Audeand his analysis of the common man or any better, as the “unknown city”. To reassuringly and familiar Vivaldi’s notes contrast punctuated melodies by John Cage alternate that lead us not only to the needs of modern man, but also to the extraordinary expressive potential of this age of anxiety, which we called contemporary age.

Festival Internazionale della Danza di Roma 2016
dell’Accademia Filarmonica Romana e del Teatro Olimpico

Prezzi – Tutti i giorni ore 21:00

Poltrona/Prima Balconata
Seconda Balconata
Junior 4-14 anni
30,00 + 3,00*
25,00 + 2,50*
20,00 + 2,00*
14,00 + 1,50*
* Diritto di Prevendita, prezzi praticati al Botteghino del teatro
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