Aterballetto – SENTieri, 14′ 20” , Antitesi

In scena dal 24 Mag 2016 al 25 Mag 2016


Established in 1979, ATERBALLETTO imposed over the years as first permanent ballet outside of opera foundations. Thanks to the creative contribution of Mauro Bigonzetti and Italian and international authors with whom he collaborated, the company – now under the artistic direction of Cristina Bozzolini – has explored the most diverse expressions of contemporary choreographic language, gaining wide recognition worldwide. Aterballetto tajkes part to the Festival with a performance composed of three choreographies:

“A single memory of an experienced situation may contain a multitude of emotions. When I am reminded of my childhood moments I relive them intensely, I feel back my laughter, salty tears on the lips, curiosity shake the stomach, the bitterness of my discontent. But sometimes it is not the memory switch on me those feelings, by contrast, are the emotions of the moment that bring distant memories […] I’ll never forget certain stations of my life, the steps and milestones that made me grow, between tears and smiles.”
Philippe Kratz

14” 20’
The title 14’20” comes simply from the length of this piece. It is, in fact, a part of the original work entitled 27’52 “. Our life seems to be marked by time. But “time” is a term very abstract! […] The work that I made is not just about “time”. It also addresses other issues such as “speed”, the ‘”love” and the’ “aging”. In fact it is all very simple, but also incredibly complicated and, for sure, totally inexplicable. ”
Jiří Kylián

“Antithesis” embodies the will of the choreographer to put the opposites on the line: local and global, fast and slow, male and female, abstract and concrete. It feeds on ancient and current, in the spirit of “all this in real time” that distinguishes our lives in this dense millennium ready to break all the schemes, without ever sacrificing the past.
Baroque and contemporary, Italian music chosen by the innovative and topical choreographer Foniadakis binds together composers connected emotionally, overtaking frontiers between the classic and the contemporary, sharing an undercurrent of DNA that you feel as peculiar to our country

Festival Internazionale della Danza di Roma 2016
dell’Accademia Filarmonica Romana e del Teatro Olimpico

Prezzi – Tutti i giorni ore 21:00

Poltrona/Prima Balconata
Seconda Balconata
Junior 4-14 anni
30,00 + 3,00*
25,00 + 2,50*
20,00 + 2,00*
14,00 + 1,50*
* Diritto di Prevendita, prezzi praticati al Botteghino del teatro
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